“It was like a Fight Gone Bad!”

This is the famous “Fight Gone Bad” workout. It was designed to prepare former UFC Lightweight and Welterweight Champion, BJ Penn, for fights in the UFC. When he finished the workout he was asked what he thought of it, and he said, “it was like a fight gone bad.”  Hence the name.  In this […]

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Rest Day Reminders – Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

1)  We will be closed Thanksgiving Day.

2)  WODS for Friday will be 0900, 1630, 1730 and 1830 (no 0600, 0800 or Kids)

3)  Parents please RSVP for Saturday 0800 Kids (9-12) by Noon on Friday.

4)  Saturday is Small Business Saturday.  It is also “Bring a Friend” day here at MVCF, so grab your […]

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We expect to have normal hours on Wednesday.  However, keep an eye on the gym’s Facebook page if the weather deteriorates.  I will post updates about early closures, if necessary, from there.  As a reminder, we tend to follow the Fairfax County Public School emergency weather schedule during periods of [seriously] inclement weather.  We […]

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The Jerk

REMINDERS:  Tuesday from 1630-1830 Scott Dean from Custom Fit Meals should be here to discuss his company’s meal program and to sample The Best Bar Ever.  1900 is our Barbell Club which is open to everyone for free through the end of December!

SCHEDULE changes for the week:  Tuesday and Wednesday we will have WODs […]

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Monday, Nov 24

Front Squat 6×2 @ 70%

12 Min AMRAP:

40 Sledge Strikes (alternating)

40 KBS 53/35

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Parents, sorry – no CF Kids Saturday morning.

WOD for Saturday November 22:

20 Minutes working to a heavy triple Clean & Jerk


For time: 30 C & J @ 135/93

Yes, we will do it with a full squat.  Compare time to April 12, 2014

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Parents:  I have only received 3 RSVPs for Tomorrow’s Kids (6-9 y/o) class, so unfortunately, that class is not going to happen.  Please remember to RSVP by Noon  on Friday for Saturday’s 0800 CF Kids (9-12 y/o) class!

WOD for Friday, November 21:

Squat 5×5 @ 65%

3 Rounds for Time:

20 Goblet Squat 53/35#

20 Ring Dips

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Rest Day Reminders/Announcements

Thursday is our regular rest/make up day.  If you missed a WOD from earlier in the week, come in and make it up at 0900, 1700 or 1800.  If you hit all the WODs, take the day off to rest!


1)  CrossFit Kids (9-12 y/o) is ON at 1600!

2)  Running/Endurance Program.  We looked at the […]

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You Keep Using That Word. I Do Not Think It Means, What You Think It Means

Parents, please remember to RSVP for CF Kids (9-12 y/o) by tomorrow at 1600 for Thursday’s CF Kids class.

WOD for Wednesday, November 19th:

Press 5×5 @ 65%

For time:

100 Burpees

Starting at 0:00, EMOM 3 Wallball 20/14#

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Barbell Club is at 1900; Custom Fit Meals – Postponed

Unfortunately, Scott Dean had a family emergency pop up and he has to postpone his presentation until next Tuesday.  However, I will still have some samples of The Best Bar Ever available if you want to try them tonight!

Also, don’t forget that tonight at 1900 we will have Barbell Club – which is open […]

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