February is Here!

Coach Ali’s B-Fit BootyCamp:

In one week, Coach Ali’s B-Fit BootyCamp will begin.  You will have choices of times to attend.  Prices listed are for the ENTIRE CAMP, not per session.  This will be an amazing Camp (and a bargain) and you will love working with Coach Ali!


Special Sessions:

Also, this week, we will have a […]

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Announcements and Rest Day Reminders – Jan 14

Thursdays are our regular rest/make up day at the gym.  If you hit all the workouts this week, take Thursday off.  If you missed one, come in to make it up during the following times:  0900, 1600 or 1700.



Our Thursday CrossFit Kids class is on for 1600!



The first session of our new Teen program […]

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New Year, New Programs!

It’s a new year, and we’re rolling out some new programs!



For people that are brand new to CrossFit, we like them to start by attending our Foundations Program. The Foundations Program runs in 2 week cycles. Members may choose to go weeknights or Saturdays. The 4 separate Lessons go through almost all of the […]

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Partner WOD Saturday!


boom – back by popular demand, we have a partner WOD!

WOD for Saturday, January 2:

15 min warm up Snatch and Thruster.

Team WOD – For time:

A: 20 Thrusters 95/63

B: 20 Pull-ups

B: Thrusters 95/63

A: 20 Pull-ups

A: 15 Snatches 95/63

B: 15 Toes to Bar

B: 15 Snatches 95/63

A: 15 Toes to Bar

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Happy New Year!

As we say farewell to 2015 and greet the New Year, I’d like everyone to reflect on their struggles and victories throughout the past year, and goals for the coming year. 

For me, I struggled, failed, struggled and failed with the goal of setting a new North American Powerlifting Federation Squat record in my weight […]

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Holiday Hours

We will have WOD times at the following hours for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day:

Thursday:  0900, 1000, 1100, 1200

Friday:  1000, 1100, 1200, 1300

Saturday we will have WODs at our regular times:  0900 and 1000.


WOD for Wednesday, December 30:

Push Press 5×3 @75%

4 RFT:

10 Push Press 135/93

10 KTE

10 Slams 30/20

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Holiday Schedule Reminders

I just wanted to remind everyone that we will have special hours this week:

No Barbell Club Tuesday or Thursday. 

Wednesday, we will have all regularly scheduled WODs. 

Thursday, our only WOD time will be 0900. 

Friday, we will be closed. 

Saturday we will be open for our regularly scheduled WOD times at 0900 and 1000. 

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Rest Day Reminders

Thursdays are our regular Rest/Make-Up days at the gym.  If you missed a WOD this week, come in to make it up during the following times:  0900, 1700 or 1800.



CrossFit Kids is ON for Thursday at 1600!


Barbell Club:

No BBC this Thursday night — sorry guys.


Holiday Hours:

On Thursday, December 24 we will only have one […]

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12 Days of CrossFit

I want to congratulate the 6 new graduates of our Foundations program: Caitlin, Kevin, Fawn, Marty, Jenn and Vickie. Be looking for them in our classes this week and be sure to say hello. 


You’ve been waiting for this WOD for an entire year. You know the song. You know the movements. 

Get ready for the […]

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Back to Squats

As y’all probably figured out with last week’s 1RM Front Squat test, we’re finishing a 3 month posterior chain and a 4 month overhead strength cycle.  There will be a few more tests over the next couple weeks to finish out the cycles… and of course, your favorite WOD of the year is coming […]

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