What New Hell Is This?

The Burpee Pullup. 

It is part burpee, part pullup, and lots of heavy breathing.

Greg Amundson is one of the original CrossFit fire-breathers.  He was featured in many of the videos that were first posted on the CrossFit main page, especially on the heavier workouts such as Grace, Elizabeth and Heavy Fran.  In the video […]

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What is “Heavy”?

In terms of lifting weights and getting stronger, everything is relative.  If your 1 rep max back squat is 100#, then that is heavy for you.  When you work at 65% of of your 1RM the work done by you is relative to the work done at 65% of a lifter who has a […]

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The Open’s final event “15.5″ was announced last night, and we will be running heats to get through it all morning on Saturday.

“15.5″ is for time:


Row For Calories

Thrusters 95/65 (scaled = 65/45)

I will go over strategy/tips on this one before each heat.

See y’all at the gym!


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Finally Friday!



We will be having our CrossFit Kids 6-9 y/o class tomorrow at 1600 — see y’all there!


WOD for Friday, March 27:

It is a skill/cardio day.  For those of you who do not yet have Double Unders – today is your day to practice!  If you do have them, then you will be doing a […]

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Rest Day Reminders

Thursday is our scheduled rest/make up day.  If you’ve hit all the WODs this week, take Thursday off to REST!  If you missed one and want to come in to make it up, you may do so during the following times:  0900, 1700 and 1800.



We will be having our 9-12 y/o CrossFit Kids class […]

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Got Kids?


Please don’t forget to RSVP for Thursday’s 9-12 y/o Kids class!

Also, this Summer we will be running a couple of Sport Prep Camps for rising Middle School and High School students who have their sights set on athletic pursuits next Fall.  More details in the weeks to come.


WOD for Wednesday, March 25:

Snatch: 3@70%, 3@75%, […]

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I know It’s Late, I know You’re Weary

C&J 2×3@70%, 2×2@75%, 2@80%

3 RFT:

15 GSTO 95/63

20 Ball Slams 30/20

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Good News Monday!


Good News:

Isn’t it nice when Monday morning brings you good news?  Well, at long last the new bathrooms are fulling operational!  All of the plumbing is in, the lights and fans are working and the tile and grout have been sealed.  If you plan to use the showers – bring a towel and your […]

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Open WOD 15.4:

Don’t forget to log in to the CrossFit Games page at 2000 tonight to see what the WOD will be!



Sorry Kids, not enough RSVPs for Friday’s class.  See y’all next week!


WOD for Friday, March 20:

Press:  3×5@75%

For time:

50 DU

50 KBS 53/35

50 DU

50 Shoulder to Overhead 45/33 (no rack)

50 DU

50 KBS

50 DU

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Rest Day Reminders

Thursday is our regular rest/make-up day.  If you hit all the WODs this week (and let’s admit it, they were rough),  then you should take Thursday off to rest and recover!  If you missed a WOD earlier in the week, you can come in to make it up during our regularly scheduled WOD times:  […]

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