Deadlifts on a Monday!

WOD for Monday, July 6:

Deadlift 5×3@65%


DL @ 185/135

WallBall 20/14



We will have the 10-14 y/o Young Athlete Program beginning July 13th, on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:00-3:00 p.m.  We’re looking forward to seeing all of their smiling faces!

The New 300

Remember, on Friday we will only have WODs at 0600, 0800, 0900 and 1200.  On Saturday we will only have one WOD at 0900.


WOD for Friday, July 3rd:

3 Rounds for time:

20 Wallball 20/14

20 Power Cleans 75/53

20 Box Jumps 20″

20 Push Press 75/53

20 Calorie Row

Rest 1 minute between rounds.

Compare time to Feb 5, 2014

Rest Day Reminders – July 2nd Edition

Thursday is our regular rest/make-up day at the gym.  If you have done all of the workouts this week, take the day off.  If you missed one, you may make it up during the following scheduled WOD times:  0900, 1700 and 1800.


Special Hours Friday and Saturday:

Due to the Independence Day holiday, we will have […]

Another Date with the Barbell!

Clean 3×2@70%, 1@75%, 1@80% 2×1@85%


Cleans 135/93


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Look Ma, We’re Squatting!


I need final head counts for our Young Athlete Program no later than Friday, July 3rd.  Right now our 10-14 year old class is a definite “go”, but we need more members to put together the 14-18 year old program.  Round up those kids from your various sport teams!


WOD for Tuesday, June 30:

Squat 3×5 […]

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Weekend Recap

I don’t want to get all teary-eyed, but I do want to give a couple shouts out to the members of MVCF (past and present) who helped us put on the 2nd Annual NoVa open at the gym this weekend:  Mae, Jamie, Carl, Kevin, Magnus, Ali, Cher, Deirdre, Johnny Mac, Dan, Vanessa, Pond John, […]

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Rest Day Reminders – 6/25/15

Thursday is our regular rest/make-up day at MVCF, but this week is special, since we’re going to have funky hours on Friday and will be closed on Saturday.

Since, we won’t have any WODs on Friday after 0900 (due to the set-up for the USA Powerlifting NoVa Open), you may either make up a WOD […]

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20 Minutes to Work up to Heavy Single Snatch

90-120 seconds rest between attempts.

Record weight of heaviest lift.

3 RFT:

10 Snatch 115/83

15 Bar over Burpees

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I have lists going on the whiteboard for our 2015 Young Athlete Program.  Currently, we are filling up the Monday/Wednesday sessions.  Once those are full, we’ll begin filling the Tuesday/Thursday sessions.



The gym will be closed on Friday after the 0900 WOD (and Saturday), so I will post Friday’s WOD Wednesday night for those of […]

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Big Week Ahead

2nd Annual NoVa Open:

As you know, the gym will be hosting the USA Powerlifting 2nd Annual NoVa Open this Saturday.  We have 9 members of MVCF who will be competing at the event – Jim, Dan C, Mary, Cher, Carla, Kate, Deirdre, Ali and Em – and they’ve been training hard 3 times per […]

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